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"SNS continued to probe for information that was relevant to our needs for about a year. It was refreshing to have an outsourced team that truly understood our requirements for test routines. The fully automated approach SNS have to testing our diagnostics has increased the integrity of our products as a whole."
- Leslie Richards,
Managing Director
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Software companies have increased their focus on understanding the business user needs and increasingly work with cutting edge technology. At the same time as the end customers demand improvement in productivity and tangible ROI, cutting edge technology is just not enough unless the product performs under “real-life” demands. These demands are in terms of service level agreements on response times and scalability in a complex and multitude of usage environments.

Unfortunately, many organizations do not plan for these “real-life” demands and learn about the performance problems only after it has subjected customers to delay or below par performance. All this results in revenue loss for its customers and the software provider looses credibility in the market.

Performance Testing, like product development or application building, is an area of separate focus and a science which demands special expertise and attention. SNS's Performance Testing Services, with its proven testing framework, expertise in using vendor as well as open source tools and its experienced resources helps its clients eliminate the potential for such performance issues before they arise.

The prerequisite today are software products that perform to the optimum under “real life demands”. Inability to perform under peak load and volume can result in revenue losses for software companies in addition to loss of reputation in the market.

SNS offers its proven performance testing framework, latest tools (blend of vendor and open source tools), and trained resources through its Performance Testing Centre of Excellence (CoE).

SNS enables its customers meet “real time demands” by helping them to:
  • Define and determine the scalability and capacity levels that the application can achieve
  • Identify performance bottlenecks and recommend fixes
  • Execute post-deployment performance monitoring of end-customer’s systems, networks, servers and databases
  • Identify critical performance issues for databases and application servers that can impact business
Our capabilities in Performance Testing include:

  • Segue SilkPerformer V5
  • Different monitors for HPUX, Solaris & WebLogic
  • J2EE based, JSP UI
  • Oracle 8i on HPUX Box
  • WebLogic 6.1 on Sun Solaris box
  • Jakarta JMeter-2.2

Performance Testing

Some of the benefits delivered to clients include:
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Safeguarding loss of revenues and credibility by guaranteed performance of product under peak loads/volumes


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