Stop Fretting Over Server
and Cluster Costs.

Pay Only For Code Runtime with AWS Lambda.

AWS Lambda is a smart and powerful serverless computing platform that scales automatically. This means you don’t waste time creating cluster scaling logic, maintaining event integrations, or managing code runtimes. And you save a ton on server costs. Using AWS Lambda in collaboration with the Well Architected Framework, Forgeahead builds cloud-native applications with the latest serverless architectures.
The Forgeahead team also leverages its extensive expertise and proven strategies to avoid common pitfalls when migrating using AWS Lambda. Our agile SDLC and DevOps processes allow you to innovate better and deploy code faster, all the while ensuring the applications you develop are functional, cutting-edge, and cloud-friendly.

Secure. Scalable. Serverless.

What makes AWS Lambda so effective is its exceptional serverless capabilities. Forgeahead harnesses this brute power to develop and upgrade your applications while significantly enhancing their scalability and security.

Automatic Scaling

AWS Lambda scales each application automatically. The intuitive Lambda interface runs code in response to each event and triggers each process individually — be it a handful of requests per day or a thousand per second.


Since you only pay for the computing power you use, you save a ton on over-provisioned infrastructure. The Lambda algorithm is so finely tuned it calculates your usage right down to millisecond, and also how many times your code is triggered.

Functionally Optimized

AWS Lambda lets you optimize the duration of your code execution by selecting the ideal memory size for your function. With Provisioned Concurrency, you can also keep your functions initialized while ensuring double digit millisecond response times.

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