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The age-old practice of Machine Learning

Everyone is excited about Machine Learning. Google’s AlphaGo beat Go grandmaster Lee Sedol in an ancient game that is more complex than chess and became the first machine to so beat an expert. At the

Is the MVP wave going way?

Is the MVP wave going away?

Digital innovation is the name of the game today. Anyone making software products is in it to win it. Creating a Minimum Viable Product, or MVP as it is more popularly known has been used

Overcoming Technical Debt, One Step At A Time

Forgeahead helped Noodle Tools, a leading US-based Online Bibliography product
company to evaluate, manage and remediate technical debt incurred by its research
platform product.
Read on to know how Forgeahead successfully helped Noodle Tools add newer, more
innovative features using agile development, increased platform scalability and
availability using SOA and cloud computing – all this using best-of-breed Devops
practices to ensure faster time-to-market.

Does your tech startup need a CTO or VP Engineering?

For startups, especially tech startups the focus is usually on building a strong technology architecture to get the product to the market. At the same time, startups have to focus on creating a strong people

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Build as a Service (BaaS)

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